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Chromatin Day 2020 Program

Virtual CRC 1064 meeting on October 1, 2020 

          9:20  Peter Becker – Welcome

Session 1    Chairs: Stephan Hamperl, Julian Stingele

09:30-09:50 Charlotte Blessing, A03 Ladurner
                   The Oncogenic Helicase ALC1 Regulates PARP Inhibitor Potency by Trapping PARP2 at DNA Breaks
09:50-10:10 Christoph Kurat, A26
                   A CDK-regulated chromatin segregase promoting chromosome replication
10:10-10:30 Martina Peritore, A23 Pfander
                   Nucleosome eviction at DNA double stranded breaks
10:30-10:50 Weihua Qin, A17 Leonhardt
                   A versatile probe to monitor protein ubiquitination in live cells

10:50-11:10 break

Session 2    Chairs: Boris Pfander, Eva Hörmanseder

11:10-11:30 Ashish Singh, A07 Müller-Planitz
                   The biogenesis and function of nucleosome arrays
11:30-11:50 Andreia Rafael de Almeida, A19 Smolle
                   Remodeller Isw1a is recruited to the starts of genes where it limits histone turnover and noncoding

11:50-12:10 Vanessa Niebauer, A06 Hopfner
                   ATP-dependent Chromatin Remodeling by the INO80 complex
12:10-12:30 Bianca Mocanu, A13 Hammerschmidt
                   Single-cell expression profiling of human naive B cells during early infection with Epstein-Barr Virus

12:30-13:30 break

Session 3    Chairs: Stefan Stricker, Sebastian Bultmann

13:30-13:50 Christopher Mulholland, A22 Bultmann
                   Global DNA demethylation by TET proteins: an interStella process
13:50-14:10 Sophia Groh, A11 Schotta
                   The MORC3 ATPase cycle is critical for ERV silencing
14:10-14:30 Jacques Bonnet, A15 Müller
                    Interdependence of histone modifications generated by the Polycomb repressor system
14:30-14:50 Franziska Greulich, A21 Uhlenhaut
                   Locus-specific gene control by the Glucocorticoid Receptor: A close-up view on COMPASS/SETD1A

Closing Remarks