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Chromatin Day/"Morning" 2021 Program

Virtual CRC 1064 meeting on December 9, 2021

Talks are 14 min + 4 min questions
2 min hand-over leeway

login 09.15     Test of hard- and software
        09.30     Welcome by Peter Becker

Session leader: Stephan Hamperl

09.35   Anna Chanou (A29 Hamperl)
           Single-molecule analysis of the nucleosomal landscape of replication origins
09.55   Priyanka Bansal (A26 Kurat)
           Cell cycle dependent chromatin replication in vitro
10.15   Leonhard Karl (A23 Pfander)
           An evolutionary conserved SAML-domain is essential for enzymatic activity of Fun30/SMARCAD1-type remodellers

10.35  break

Session leader: Philipp Korber

10.45   Iris Langstein (A04 Korber)
           Sequence- and chemical specificity define the functional landscape of intrinsically disordered regions
11.05   Nikolas Eggers (A01 Becker)
           Cell-free genomics reveal insights into transcription factor targeting
11.25   Rupam Choudhury (A16 Imhof)
           TouChPad, a versatile method to identify protein associated with distinct chromatin domains

11.45 break

Session leader: Daphne Cabianca

11.55    Pedro Weickert (A34 Stingele)
            Synergy and pathway choice during replication-independent repair of DNA-protein crosslinks
12.15    Nada Al-Refaie (A28 Cabianca)
            Food deprivation causes a large-scale chromatin re-organization in intestinal cells of C. elegans                 
12.35    Konstantinos Makris (A21 Uhlenhaut)
            The role of glucocorticoids in the hepatic adaptation to caloric restriction                 

12.55    Closing remarks by Peter

13.00    End

Download program (362 KB)