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We believe that every human being is strong enough to grow in the light of challenges. We would like to support you in facing your challenges and in realizing your personal wishes, ambitions and goals.

hegendörfer_k_coach 100x150Dr. Katrin Hegendörfer

Degree in Psychology (Diplom, FAU Erlangen) PhD (TU Munich), Thesis work on stress management at work, Systemic therapy for individuals, couples and families (DGSF).


    • Successful conflict management, 
    • Establishing a work-life balance,
    • Support during difficult life circumstances (eg. separation, loss),
    • Constructive encounters with fears, doubts and obstacles.

goff_g_coach 225x150Gene Goff

Degree in Mediation (FU Hagen), Degree in Economics and Business Administration (Augsburg University), Executive employee at international companies.


  • Successful time management,
  • Leadership and team management,
  • Personal career development,
  • Negotiation techniques for women,
  • Conflict management,
  • Negotiations with colleagues and superiors.


geist_c_coach 100x135Caroline Geist

Degree in Social Sciences (FA Esslingen), Business Coach (INA FU Berlin), Systemic therapy for individuals, couple and families (DGSF), Counselor at family service center


  • Identifying and utilizing strengths and resources,
  • Support during decision making processes,
  • Constructive encounters with fears, doubts and obstacles,
  • Farewells and new beginnings.

Viola Krausviola kraus 100x150

Degree in Psychology (UWL-UK), Organizational Psychology and Conflict Management (Columbia University – TC, New York), certified mediator (IMCR, New York), career counselor (CIPD London) and training in systemic coaching (IFW München)


  • Career challenges, managing role changes and its stressors
  • Detecting and dealing with confilcts
  • Embracing new leadership/supervisor tasks & team management/development
  • Value based personal career development