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Fast Forward: The Productivity System for Researchers

Learn to lead projects with more confidence, more focus and less stress

17.10.2022 – 02.12.2022


Achieve amazing productivity and reduce your stress levels in 7 weeks by implementing the productivity secrets that allows management consultants and high-performing industry teams to generate results quickly.


Learn from an expert how powerful and transformative a simple and robust productivity system can be. Participate in this implementation program, which is a 7-week training designed to help you implement an agile project and time management system in your research projects. It will transform the way you work and help you achieve new levels of clarity, focus and momentum in your projects, while reducing your stress levels.
Additional information incl. interviews with past participants is available here: https://mindmatters.pro/fastforward/

Trainer Bio:

Dr. Nadine Sinclair is a trusted advisor to corporate and academic leaders and one of the Managing Directors of Mind Matters. Before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey, she was a project manager with McKinsey & Company. A scientist by training and at heart, she conducted her doctoral research at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry. In her work as a neuroleadership expert, she uses her scientific mind to bridge the gap between science and business practices using the latest insights from neuroscience and behavioural economics to create breakthroughs for her clients.


  • Weekly pre-recorded lectures to watch at your own pace
  • Weekly 1-hour live Q&A session via Zoom video conference hosted by Nadine to answer your questions
  • Self-study workbooks and templates to help you implement the techniques in your projects with actionable feedback on weekly course assignments on a dedicated private community platform
  • Private community that allows you to interact with peers and exchange additional resources
  • Personal Productivity Score assessment at the beginning and end of the course


This training is for you if you can attend all live Q&A sessions, have a project that you can work on during the course, are ready to roll up your sleeves to work with the tools and techniques and willing to engage with the trainers and your peers on these topics.
This training is not for you if you are just looking for information on personal productivity and project management, cannot take the time to attend the live Q&A sessions and implement the techniques, or are unwilling to engage in discussions with others.
Ideally the project should last at least 3 months from the beginning of the course and at minimum 8 weeks. Your project of choice should have a professional context - it can be a research project, writing a paper/thesis, literature search to define a project, job search or similar.

Start: Monday, Oct 17, 2022 with a live Kickoff (Zoom) from 10:00-11:30 CET (Berlin)
Duration: weekly Wednesday live Q&A sessions via Zoom @17:00-18:00 CET (Berlin) for 7 consecutive weeks (between Oct 17 and Dec 2); an alternative session may be offered on Thursday at the same time number of participants permitting (only one session per week needs to be attended)
Time required: approx. 3-4 hours each week (incl. live Q&A session) - time may vary slightly depending on the complexity of the project selected
Please set aside 1 hour in the week before the course (week of Oct 10) to complete the onboarding process
Language: English
Certificate: Issued upon completion (requires attendance of at least 6 of the 7 live Q&A sessions and completion of weekly assignments)
Trainer: Dr. Nadine Sinclair

Sign-up deadline: Fri, Oct 7, 2022. Sign up with Elizabeth irtg1064@bmc.med.lmu.de

We hold an informal (optional) info meeting for those interested in participating in Fast Forward to ask any questions ahead of the final sign-up deadline.

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