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Now Hiring: PhD and Postdoc positions

We are now hiring PhD researchers and Postdocs. For current availabilities, see the following projects (job descriptions can also be found on the respective pages)

  • A13 (Wolfgang Hammerschmidt) Epigenetic reprogramming of viral and cellular chromatin (job description, 75 KB)
  • A16 (Axel Imhof) Quality control during chromatin assembly
  • A20 (Robert Schneider) Understanding the role of histone short chain lysine acylations in the regulation of chromatin function (job description, 1 MB)
  • Associated Project: (Nicolai Siegel) Understanding chromatin dynamics in antigenic variation (job description, 1 MB)

Please see the project description for contacts for applications.

Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Schroeder-Reiter irtg1064@bmc.med.lmu.de