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For the CRC 1064 International Symposia posters we use images from outside of the scientific realm that relate to the methods and concepts addressed in this research consortium, Chromatin Dynamics. In the past we have used beads-on-a-string, fragmentation, helical-winding and liquid-droplet imagery from artists of different artistic movements – including Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher and Andy Warhol – to allude to chromatin structure and function.

For our 2024 symposium, due to the huge impact that artificial intelligence (AI) tools have had on research over the past 4 years, it was clear to us from the onset that our poster motif should be generated with AI. There is no lack of canonical artwork that could be connected with chromatin, and by using AI we in no way intend to depreciate the artistic creative process. We do feel that using an AI-generated image at this point in time reflects the broad relevance of AI tools, as well as the current global discussion about how to (ethically) integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence into the scientific process.

We were fortunate to use the freely available software developed at the LMU Munich, Stable Diffusion, “… an AI image generator invented by Stability.ai, the Ludwig Maximilian University machine learning research group, and AI art enthusiasts around the world.” https://hotpot.ai/stable-diffusion

We found that AI image generators still have a lot to “learn” about visual representations of chromatin and nucleosomes! But combining these terms with artists’ names as prompts resulted in some very interesting abstract images. Our favorite, prompted by Kandinsky and nucleosome, is the background motif for our 2024 poster.

download the poster (pdf 608 KB)

Chromatin Dynamics kandinsky nucleosome AI 20240222_450x

2024 poster: Adaptation of an AI image generated with Stable Diffusion and the prompts "Kandinsky" and "nucleosome".

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Past symposium posters with motifs from Salvador Dali, MC Escher, Andy Warhol and more ...