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CRC 1064 Chromatin Dynamics - RESEARCH PROGRAM 2021-2025

A01 - Peter Becker

Domino nucleosome remodeling complexes and histone H2A.V dynamics in transcription and DNA repair

A03 - Andreas Ladurner

The chromatin remodelers ALC1 and HELLS regulate PARP dynamics and DNA repair

A04 - Philipp Korber

Genome-wide reconstitution of dynamics in nucleosome positioning, collision, eviction, and histone exchange

A06 - Karl-Peter Hopfner

Mechanisms of Regulation and Information Processing by the INO80 Remodeler

A11 - Gunnar Schotta

Silencing mechanisms of endogenous retroviruses

A12 - Ralph Rupp

Histone H4K20 demethylation in cell cycle-controlled differentiation

A15 - Jürg Müller

Structural basis of nucleosome binding and chromatin compaction by PRC1

A16 - Axel Imhof

Metabolic coupling of histone modification during chromatin assembly

A17 - Heinrich Leonhardt

Role and Regulation of DNA Modifications

A20 - Robert Schneider

Metabolic impact on chromatin dynamics - understanding control of gene expression through metabolic enzymes and their products

A21 - Henriette Uhlenhaut

Nutritional reprogramming of chromatin interactions by the glucocorticoid receptor

A24 - M-E. Torres-Padilla

Identification of the molecular and biophysical determinants controlling heterochromatin formation and silencing in the mouse embryo

A26 - Christoph Kurat

Establishment and Role of Chromatin Structure around Chromosome Replication Origins

A27 - Till Bartke

Cell Cycle-Dependent Regulation of the ORC-associated Protein LRWD1 by Phosphorylation of an Intrinsically Disordered Domain

A28 – Daphne Cabianca

Characterization of the chromatin organization response to food deprivation in the intestine of C. elegans

A29 - Stephan Hamperl

Compositional and structural analysis of DNA replication origins by locus-specific chromatin isolation

A30 - Eva Hörmanseder

Propagation of active chromatin states in embryos via histone modifications

A32 - Maria Robles

Protein and phosphorylation nuclear dynamics in time and space and its modulation by metabolism

A33 - Nicolai Siegel

The role of chromatin in the establishment of inter-chromosomal DNA-DNA interactions

A34 - Julian Stingele

Detection and repair of covalent DNA-histone crosslinks

A35 - Stefan Stricker

Functional analysis and targeted manipulation of chromatin dynamics on mammalian noncoding regions

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