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Associate Members

Bonev, Boyan

Dr. Boyan Bonev

3D Genome and Molecular Neurobiology

Principal Investigator, Helmholtz Pioneer Campus, Munich

Associated Member since 2019

Braun, Sigurd

Prof. Dr. Sigurd Braun

Biomedical Center Munich - Physiological Chemistry, LMU Munich

Project A25: Role of the nuclear membrane protein Lem2 in retrotransposon silencing and RNA surveillance

Colomé-Tatché, Maria

Prof. Dr. Maria Colomé-Tatché

Single-cell transcriptomic and epigenomic data analysis

Functional Genomics and Cell Biology, LMU Department of Physiological Chemistry

Gompel, Nicolas

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Gompel

Evolution & Development

Evolutionary Ecology, Biozentrum der LMU, Martinsried, Germany

Associated member since 2020

Hammerschmidt, Wolfgang

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hammerschmidt

Helmholtz-Zentrum München, Haematologikum

Project A13: Epstein-Barr virus DNA acquires cellular chromatin early in infection

Margulies, Carla

Carla Margulies, PhD

Chromatin, neuronal and behavioral plasticity

LMU Department of Physiological Chemistry

Associated member since 2020

Pfander, Boris

Dr. Boris Pfander

Otto-Hahn Research Group on DNA Replication & Genome Integrity, Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry

Project A23: Chromatin as limiting factor in the regulation of DNA repair pathway choice

Regnard, Catherine

Dr. Catherine Regnard

Genome stability and signaling within the active genome

LMU Department of Molecular Biology

Associated member since 2021

Smolle, Michaela

Prof. Dr. Michaela Smolle

Biomedical Center (BMC) Munich, Physiological Chemistry

Project A19: Maintenance of chromatin organization by Isw1a during gene transcription

Solovei, Irina

Dr. Irina Solovei

Mechanisms of euchromatin and heterochromatin positioning in the nucleus

Biozentrum der LMU, Martinsried, Germany

Associated member since 2015