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A01 - Domino nucleosome remodeling complexes and histone H2A.V dynamics in transcription and DNA repair

The Drosophila DOM proteins are SWR1-type ATPases involved in exchanging the histone variant H2A.V. The two DOM splice isoforms that reside in different complexes with distinct functions. The DOM-B complex catalyses the bulk of H2A.V incorporation akin to the yeast SWR1 complex. The DOM-A complex contains a TIP60 acetyltransferase module, resembling yeast NuA4. Both complexes regulate transcription and distinctly contribute to the DNA damage response (DDR). We study the potential crosstalk between the transcriptional and DDR-related activities of both com-plexes, their targeting to promoters and DNA breaks and their enzymatic activities (histone ex-change und acetylation), intrinsic and at target sites, under normal and DNA damage conditions.

Becker A1

The two splice isoforms of the DOMINO ATPase are central subunits of distinct chromatin regulatory complexes with different functions. We seek to understand the molecular context that modulates the targeting and activities of these regulators.

Becker, Peter

Prof. Dr. Peter Becker, ML

Biomedical Center - Molecular Biology, LMU Munich

+49 (0)89 2180 - 75427