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A27 - Cell Cycle-Dependent Regulation of the ORC-associated Protein LRWD1 by Phosphorylation of an Intrinsically Disordered Domain

Faithful duplication and maintenance of chromatin during cell divisions is essential for all eukaryotic organisms. We found that LRWD1, a new component of the origin recognition complex (ORC), is phosphorylated at multiple CDK sites in an intrinsically disordered domain. As well as regulating DNA replication by targeting ORC to chromatin LRWD1 functions in heterochromatin silencing. In this project we will therefore combine phospho-proteomics and tissue culture-based inducible LRWD1 depletion and rescue models with DNA replication, cell cycle, and chromatin silencing assays to dissect the role of LRWD1 phosphorylation in DNA replication and heterochromatin regulation throughout the cell cycle.


Bartke, Till

Dr. Till Bartke

Institute of Functional Epigenetics (IFE), Helmholtz Zentrum Munich