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A30 - Propagation of active chromatin states in embryos via histone modifications

PhD position available. Job description (pdf, 131 KB)

The overall goal of this project is to uncover key molecular processes underlying the stabilisation and propagation of active chromatin states during reprogramming using somatic cell nuclear transfer to Xenopus eggs as model system. First, we will obtain insights into the dynamics of active histone marks during reprogramming. Our preliminary data suggests H3K4me3 as a mark that is faithfully transmitted on genes in both fertilised and nuclear transfer embryos. Thus, we will next reveal complexes important for the propagation of H3K4me3 in fertilized embryos by loss of function experiments. Lastly, we will interfere with H3K4me3 propagation mechanisms in nuclear transfer embryos to disrupt transmission of H3K4me3 mediated memory of active chromatin states and to improve cell-fate reprogramming.

hoermanseder a30

Hörmanseder, Eva

Dr. Eva Hörmanseder

Junior Group Leader, IES Helmholtz Zentrum Munich