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A29 - Compositional and structural analysis of DNA replication origins by locus-specific chromatin isolation

Chromatin dynamics and the local chromatin organization critically contribute to the activity of DNA replication origins, but the precise chromatin and structural features like the exact nucleosome configuration, histone modification state or requirement of additional chromatin factors to allow efficient and timely replication initiation remain largely elusive. In this project, we will use locus-specific chromation isolation to target four distinct replication origins on yeast chromosome III that show major differences in their intrinsic replication properties regarding timing and firing efficiency. A combination of biochemical and functional assays is proposed to study whether the local chro-matin structure determines the capacity of these regions to initiate DNA replication in vivo.

Hamperl, Stephan

Dr. Stephan Hamperl

Junior Group Leader, IES Helmholtz Zentrum Munich