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A20 - Metabolic impact on chromatin dynamics - understanding control of gene expression through metabolic enzymes and their products

PhD position available. Job description, (pdf 104 KB)

Most chromatin modifiers require co-factors that are metabolic intermediates. To understand mechanistically the cross-talk between metabolism and chromatin we will (i) manipulate selected metabolic enzymes that produce or convert co-factors to unravel their impact on histone PTMs locally and globally (ii) recruit metabolic enzymes to genes to reveal - in combination with in vitro reconstitutions - their effect on transcription and (iii) identify (nuclear) interactions between histone modifiers and metabolic enzymes as well as their genomic location. This will give us important in-sights in how metabolic enzymes impact histone PTMs and how chromatin responds to metabolic challenges.

 schneider fig 2021

Figure from Nieborak A, Schneider R (2018) Metabolic intermediates – cellular messengers talking to chromatin modifiers. Molecular Metabolism, 17, 30937-7.

Schneider, Robert

Prof. Dr. Robert Schneider

Institute of Functional Epigenetics, Helmholtz Zentrum München