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A06 - Mechanisms of Regulation and Information Processing by the INO80 Remodeler

PhD position available.

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INO80 use the energy of ATP to modulate the position, histone composition and dynamic properties of nucleosomes. In the past funding period, we revealed structurally how INO80 binds the nucleosome and found that it is regulated in part by binding shape features in extranucleosomal DNA. Here we address, using collaborative structural and biochemical analyses, additional modes of regulation, including conformational switching and histone modifications and translate our find-ings to the human system. Our goal is to reveal conserved and species-specific features of INO80 and their regulation to shape promoter chromatin.



Hopfner, Karl-Peter

Prof. Dr. Karl-Peter Hopfner, ML

Gene Center, LMU Munich

+49 (0)89 2180 - 76953