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A26 - Establishment and Role of Chromatin Structure around Chromosome Replication Origins

Recent evidence suggests that chromatin remodellers and histone chaperones (chromatin factors) play important roles in chromosome replication during S phase. How chromatin factors achieve this and how this is regulated during the cell cycle is poorly understood. Our goals are to determine i) how chromatin factors contribute to establish the chromatin architecture around replication origins, ii) how this influences replication efficiency and iii) how this is regulated by the cell cycle machinery. We will use biochemical reconstitution experiments, cell biological approaches, mass spectrometry as well as structural methods to study this in detail.


Figure_kurat 750x

Figure modified from Kurat et al., Mol Cell. 2017 Jan 5;65(1):117-130. Left panel shows a chromatin replication reaction in vitro using ~ 30 purified protein complexes. How accurate replication rates are achieved on a global scale and how chromatin factors interact with components of the replication machinery (right panel), remains poorly understood.

Kurat, Christoph

Dr. Christoph Kurat

Biomedical Center - Molecular Biology, LMU Munich

+49 89 2180 71602