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Bioinformatics Day Program

Tuesday, February 20, 2024 in the Biomedical Center Munich (BMC)


9:30 Opening remarkswordcloud draft icon

Session 1 – Chair: Maria Solovey

09.40-09.55  Sebastian Vosberg "Translational cancer bioinformatics: evaluating multi-omics dependencies with treatment success to inform precision oncology"
09.55-10.10  Andreas Mock “Computational Pathology - Exciting Opportunities for Data Scientists”
10.10-10.25  Wencke Walter "Clinical application & interpretation of whole transcriptome sequencing"
10.25-10.40  Tobias Straub “Empowering Bio in Bioinformatics”

30 min break

Session 2 – Chair: Anna Danese

11.10-11.25  Anita Térmeg  “Cross-species comparison of gene regulatory networks”
11.25-11.40  Maria Solovey “Community — tool to assess cell communication in case-control studies”
11.40-11.55  Dexiong Chen "Large scale learning on protein structures"
11.55-12.10  Markus Schmidt "An ultra-fast data structure allows interactive processing of Hi-C data"

12:10-13.15 Poster networking & snacks (65 min) Download list of posters (.pdf, 212 KB)

13.15-14.00  Keynote: Eleftheria Zeggini “Translational genomics of complex disease”

Session 3 – Chair: Markus Schmidt

14.00-14.15  Wasim Aftab “Bridging Knowledge Gaps: Streamlining Information Management for Researchers”
14.15-14.30  Anna Danese "Employ scATAC-seq to discover novel cell typespecific factors among non-coding and repetitive genes"
14:30-14:45 Gabriele Lubatti "Identifying conserved and divergent gene expression signatures between in vivo and in vitro models of development with SCOPRO"

Closing remarks

14:45-16:00 Poster networking & coffee (75 min) Download list of posters (.pdf, 212 KB)