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About the Meeting

The symposium took place from March 10-12, 2016 in the Biomedical Center Munich

poster 300pxFlexibility and plasticity to respond to varying developmental and environmental needs is anchored in dynamic chromatin organisation. The CRC1064 aims to elucidate principles involved in the dynamic organisation of chromatin structure and their function to support nuclear processes. On the 4th Munich Chromatin Symposium on Chromatin Dynamics outstanding speakers will discuss various aspects in this field ranging from atomic resolution to systems biology approaches.

True to the successful format of past meetings, this international symposium offered the opportunity for exchange, discussion and networking for both newcomers and experts in the field.

About the CRC1064 Chromatin Dynamics



Asifa Akhtar (Freiburg), Robin Allshire (Edinburgh), Geneviève Almouzni (Paris), Emily Bernstein (New York), Gregory Bowman (Baltimore), Sylvia Erhardt (Heidelberg), Anja Groth (Copenhagen), Kristian Helin (Copenhagen), Karolin Luger (Fort Collins), Oliver Rando (Worcester), Amos Tanay (Rehovot), Carl Wu (Bethesda)
Frederic Berger (Vienna), Alexander Brehm (Marburg), Marcus Buschbeck (Badalona), Silvia Domcke (Basel), Nina Kirstein (CRC student), Nils Krietenstein (CRC student),  Sven Sewitz (Cambridge),  Marta Radman-Livaja (Montpellier)

Many thanks to all the participants, to the poster contributors and to our speakers for an outstanding meeting!

Watch for the 5th Munich Chromatin Symposium in 2020.