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Public transportation connection
Arrival by plane

Directions from the airport to the Hauptbahnhof (Main train station) by S-Bahn (60 minutes):

Upon arrival at the airport follow the signs for the “S-Bahn” (white ‘S’ in green circle). Before taking the escalator down into the S-Bahn terminal purchase a “Single Tageskarte Gesamtnetz” at one of the vending machines or at the counter (11,70 €). You have to stamp the ticket at one of the boxes on the platform before entering the train. This ticket will allow unlimited public transportation in München for the day.

Take an S-Bahn to the Hauptbahnhof (Main Station). You may take either S1 or S8, which leaves from either side of the terminal. There is no “wrong” direction at this point. It will take about 45 minutes to reach Hauptbahnhof. Get out at Hauptbahnhof. Arriving at Hauptbahnhof, follow the signs “Schillerstrasse” to exit the underground area. You may find maps to orient you. Follow Schillerstrasse on the right hand side for three blocks (10 minutes walk) and at No. 42/44, pass the gate to the inner courtyard. Our building is green with a metal construction surrounding it. Walk up the stairs to enter the building in the 3rd floor (there is a receptionist). You find us on the 6th floor (room 614 for further information).

Arrival by train

Directions from the Hauptbahnhof (Main Station) to the Institute (10 minute walk):

Upon arrival by train leave the grand hall through the right hand side exit (if rails are in your back). Cross the large street and enter “Goethe strasse”.

Follow Goethestrasse on the left hand side. Cross “Schwanthalerstrasse” and “Landwehrstrasse”. At a horseman’s monument turn left through a metal gate into the back yard of the building. Our lab is in the isolated building decorated in green and with a metal frame. Walk up a flight of stairs to enter the third floor of the building where the reception is. Our lab is on the 6th floor.

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