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CRC 1064 Open Science Program

open science program smallerStarting in July 2021, Tobias Straub and his team in the Bioinformatics Core Facility has launched a new open science training program, in close cooperation with the IRTG 1064. The program is open to all SFB 1064 members and associates, and is mandatory for IRTG members.

The program addresses the challenge of implementing open science methodology into our research setting, exploring and establishing open science standards for molecular biology in particular. The goal is to sensitize next-generation researchers for open science topics, and to improve reproducibility and sustainability of research outcomes.

Training – Surveying – Observing

The program adheres to a simple regimen, following the development of doctoral research projects from start to finish over the course of one financial period:

  • Briefing doctoral researchers on the relevant principles of open science at project onset
  • Guidance on experimental design and data analysis, on a voluntary basis
  • Educating researchers with relevant workshops and seminars
  • Acquiring brief, incremental survey information from doctoral researchers on how open methodology is applied over time – roughly corresponding to the time period of TAC meetings.

Results from the survey and observations will be evaluated and reported to the scientific community at large.


Update November 2023:

  • Midterm reviews of Open Science practices are available on a per-student basis (with participation of the supervisor). Please contact Tobias for an appointment.
  • Briefings for new doctoral researchers will be provided on a monthly basis in group sessions via Zoom.


open science

Figure: Schematic of the CRC 1064 Open Science Program timeline