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Chromatin Dynamics 2024 – 6th International Munich Symposium

October 9-11, 2024 in the Biomedical Center Munich

Chromatin Dynamics kandinsky nucleosome AI 20240222_200xFlexibility and plasticity to respond to varying developmental and environmental needs is anchored in dynamic chromatin organisation. The CRC 1064 aims to elucidate principles involved in the dynamic organisation of chromatin structure and their function to support nuclear processes. On the 6th Munich Chromatin Symposium on Chromatin Dynamics outstanding speakers will discuss various aspects in this field ranging from atomic resolution to systems biology approaches.

True to the successful format of past meetings, this international symposium offers the opportunity for exchange, discussion and networking for both newcomers and experts in the field.

We particularly encourage early stage researchers to present their work.

The symposium includes a keynote lecture, invited speaker talks, a poster session and short talks selected from abstract submissions.

Register here, free of charge

Abstract deadline is August 18, 2024.
Attendance is limited – register as soon as possible to secure your spot! Unless we hit our registration limit before then, the registration deadline is September 13, 2024.


The EMBO Keynote Lecture: ANJA GROTH (Copenhagen, DK)

Speakers: Beat Fierz (Lausanne, CH), Petra Hajkova (London, UK), Jop Kind (Utrecht, NL), Ana Pombo (Berlin, DE), Karsten Rippe (Heidelberg, DE), Evi Soutoglou (Brighton, UK), Nicolas Thomä (Lausanne, CH), Eileen Furlong (Heidelberg, DE)

EMBO YIP Lecturers: Francesca Mattiroli (Utrecht, NL), Marieke Oudelaar (Göttingen, DE)

See the preliminary program.

Join us for an exciting meeting!

To contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, this symposium aims to practice responsible consumption, using recycled products and reducing disposables whenever possible, inlcuding implementing a paper-free abstract booklet.