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Autumn Swan Song

A year's end farewell to Ramona, Paulina, Alessandro and Lisa


Join us for an autumnal quadruple Swan Song at 17:00 in the BMC room N01.017 featuring

  • Paulina Mrozek-Górska (AG Hammerschmidt)
  • Alessandro Angerilli (AG Rupp)
  • Ramona Spitzer (AG Hake)
  • Lisa Harpprecht (AG Becker)

We have scheduled 4 talks since this is the last Swan Song this year, we wanted to do these presentations near to the actual defense date, and we wanted to bundle it a bit for everyone’s convenience. Each talk/song will be approx. 15 min, with of course time for discussion. After the inspiring lyrics of science, experience and wisdom, as is our custom, there will be refreshments and a hearty toast to these super accomplishments!

Everyone is welcome – it is not exclusive to IRTG members. PIs, postdocs and other members of your labs are also welcome.

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