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Dr. Susanne Bantele awarded Otto-Hahn Medal

Pfander Lab member receives award for work on cell-cycle dependent regulation of DNA Repair


Susanne Bantele, doctoral researcher in Boris Pfander's lab, was among the Otto Hahn Medal 2019 prizewinners, one of the most prestigious awards for early career scientists in Germany. Susanne was recognized for her work on control mechanisms for repair of DNA double-strand breaks during the cell cycle.

(from the press release: https://www.mpg.de/prizes/otto-hahn-medal)

The Max Planck Society honors up to 30 young scientists and researchers each year with the Otto Hahn Medal for outstanding scientific achievements since 1978. The award comes with a monetary sum of 7500 euros as recognition. The prize is intended to motivate especially gifted early career researchers to pursue a future university or research career. Since 1978, more than 1000 scientists and researchers have been awarded the Otto Hahn Medal.