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Heterochromatin definition and function

Viewpoint article in Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology with CRC contributors Adam Burton and Maria Elena Torres Padilla


Oliver Bell, Adam Burton, Caroline Dean, Susan M. Gasser & Maria-Elena Torres-Padilla (2023 Apr 17) Heterochromatin definition and function. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology  https://doi.org/10.1038/s41580-023-00599-7



Heterochromatin is a key characteristic of eukaryotic genomes. Since its cytological description nearly 100 years ago, our understanding of heterochromatin features and functions, including transcription repression and genome stability, have continuously evolved. In this Viewpoint article, experts provide their current opinions on heterochromatin definition, types and functional mechanisms.

How would you best define ‘heterochromatin’, and on what basis?

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