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IRTG-SFB 1064 member receives the DAAD Award

Daniil Pokrovsky, doctoral candidate in the lab of Ralph Rupp, is the LMU Munich award-winner


 Press release from the LMU Munich and BMC News.

Daniil 2017 200x

Daniil Pokrovsky, from St. Petersburg, Russia, contributes to the SFB 1064 project Stage-specific histone modification profiles in vertebrate development (A12) in the group of Ralph Rupp. In addition to working on his research project, looking at regulatory mechanisms underlying histone modification profiles in Xenopus laevis (clawed frog) embryos, he has also been an engaged member of the Molecular Biology department and the IRTG 1064 graduate program.

The DAAD Prize distinguishes international students showing outstanding academic achievement and social or intercultural engagement in German universities. (see DAAD website, German)