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Guthmann, Burton, Torres-Padilla: Expression and phase separation potential of heterochromatin proteins ...

EMBO reports, 2019


Expression and phase separation potential of heterochromatin proteins during early mouse development

Manuel Guthmann, Adam Burton and Maria-Elena Torres-Padilla

EMBO reports Vol. 20(12), 5 December 2019, https://doi.org/10.15252/embr.201947952

(Manuel Guthmann is a doctoral researcher – and IRTG member – in Maria-Elena Torres-Padilla's lab.)

Abstract cited from paper:

In most eukaryotes, constitutive heterochromatin is associated with H3K9me3and HP1a. The latter has been shown to play a role in heterochromatin formation through liquid–liquid phase separation. However, many other proteins are known to regulate and/or interact with constitutive heterochromatic regions in several species. We postulate that some of these heterochromatic proteins may play a role in the regulation of heterochromatin formation by liquid–liquid phase separation. Indeed, an analysis of the constitutive heterochromatin proteome shows that proteins associatedwith constitutive heterochromatin are significantly more disordered than a random set or a full nucleome set of proteins. Interestingly, their expression begins low and increases during preimplantation development. These observations suggest that the preimplantation embryo is a useful model to address the potential role for phase separation in heterochromatin formation, anticipating exciting research in the years to come.