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See the film! Responsible Research July 20, 2017

A campus-wide event for next-generation researchers


See the film on this event - watch for our very own IRTG members!

respresearch2017200x130All researchers are obliged to conform to rules of Good Scientific Practice. These rules are implicit, but the border between acceptable and unacceptable practice is often unclear. What is responsible research conduct? How can I present data accurately? What exactly is plagiarism? What are the pros and cons of open science? What is an ombudsperson?

This year's focus will be on data accuracy and reproducibility, but topics such as animal experiments, avoiding plagiarism, dos-and-don’ts of image processing will also be addressed by local and external experts.

Open to students, doctoral candidates, postdocs – scientists of all levels
Thursday, July 20, 2017 from 13:00 - 19:00 in the BMC Munich and the LMU Biocenter, Martinsried

Following the well-received Cutting Edge Technologies 2015 and Responsible Research 2014, this event is jointly organized by the life science graduate programs in the greater Munich area in cooperation with the GraduateCenterLMU.

Welcome by VP Prof. Dr. Barbara Conradt
Keynote Lectures:
Prof. Dr. Joachim Heberle, DFG: The German Research Ombudsman: An instrument dealing with scientific misconduct
Prof. Dr. Marcus Munafo, University of Bristol: Scientific ecosystems and research reproducibility
Prof. Dr. Debora Weber-Wulff, HTW Berlin: Plagiarism and the scientific process
Breakout Sessions:
Avoiding Plagiarism, Animal Research, Clinical Trials, Experimental Design and Statistics, Image Analysis, Open Science
Wrap-Up Session:
PhD students of the Life Science Graduate Network (LSGN)
The program continues informally over a barbecue dinner on the terrace.

For program details and registration see www.lifescience-munich.de.

Download program flyer (pdf, 2 MB)

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