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Four IRTG members selected for Spetses Summer School 2022

Cancer Epigenetics - Principles, Applications and Single-Cell Resolution

28.08.2022 – 03.09.2022

Congratulations to the IRTG members Bihter Özdemir Aygenli (AG Bartke), Erika Chacin (AG Kurat), Deis Haxholli (AG Leonhardt) and Ana Janeva (AG Hörmanseder) who have been selected to represent the SFB 1064 as doctoral researchers in this year's Spetses Summer School! 

The CRC 1064 is a co-sponsor for this year’s Spetses Summer School (28 August - 3 September 2022) entitled Cancer Epigenetics - Principles, Applications and Single-Cell Resolution. Maria Colomé Tatché and Stefan Stricker will be representing the CRC as lecturers.

The Spetses Summer School 2022 will cover the topics of chromatin structure, epigenetic regulation, single-cell omics, and disease applications with a particular focus on cancer and leukaemia. See the website with preliminary program and speakers http://intercept-mds.eu/spetses/. Anyone that has been to Spetses before can attest that this is usually an amazing event and learning/networking opportunity

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