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Sustainable World 2022

Global Challenges for Life Scientists


Addressing the global sustainability crisis by adopting strategies in ecology, society and economy for a sustainable world is urgent. Awareness of the crisis is no longer the problem. Critical self-reflection and finding solutions for transferring our knowledge into actions in our daily lives are the current challenges.

What more suitable place to explore solutions than in the university context?

The goal of this symposium event Sustainable World 2022 is to provide a forum for next generation researchers of all levels to inform themselves further on diverse sustainability topics, hearing from passionate experts in the fields of ecology, economy and sociology. In addition to opportunity for discussion and exchange, we will provide a platform for participants to familiarize themselves and network with different local and international “green” initiatives.

Our hope is that participants will identify viable paths for addressing their own sustainability issues, becoming active in contributing to the process of change and becoming multipliers for inspiring sustainable living concepts in their future workplaces and lives throughout the world.

Join us at the BMC on September 29, 2022. Please see our program for details. And of course, feel free to spread the word!

Registration is open!