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Swan Song Re-launch with Nik Eggers and Manuel Guthmann

Final presentations from two of the IRTG's latest finishers


Nikolas Eggers (AG Becker) and Manuel Guthmann (AG Torres-Padilla) will present their dissertation theses in a double-feature Swan Song seminar. Join us in hearing about their final projects and in extending our congratulations to them!

Tuesday, December 13, 2022 at 17:00 in the BMC, room N01.017. We would love for as many as possible to attend in person, but for those unable to do so, there will be a hybrid Zoom option (to be announced).

All IRTG members, SFB stakeholders and interested well-wishers are welcome to attend!

A Swan Song is an IRTG finishing seminar, during which the speakers present their final projects to their IRTG peers in short 20 min talks, and have the opportunity to share words of wisdom or lessons learned, with subsequent discussion and an informal celebration in their honor.

Swan Song Eggers and Guthmann 20221209