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Regulation of Transcription: RNA Pol II and Myc

In honor of Dirk Eick: A career dedicated to understanding gene expression

40 years Myc, 50 years Polymerase II, and 65 years Dirk Eick!

Keynote lecturer: Patrick Cramer Göttingen

Speakers: Jean-Christophe Andrau Montpelier, Matthias Geyer Bonn, Heiko Hermeking München, Michael Hölzel Bonn, Axel Imhof München,  Shona Murphy Oxford, Robert Schneider München

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In honor of Professor Dr. Dirk Eick's 65th birthday, students and research colleagues convened on November 9, 2018 for a symposium in the Biomedical Center Munich (BMC).

30 years ago it was first observed that gene expression is regulated not only at the level of transcription initiation, but also at the level of RNA elongation. The molecular machine responsible for transcription is made up of more than 100 factors, the composition of which substantially varies during the transition from initiation mode to the elongation mode.

Keynote lecturer, Professor Dr. Patrick Cramer (Max-Planck-Institut for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen), reported on changes in structure and composition of the transcription machinery during this transition. An additional seven talks gave insights into the complex regulation of transcription mechanisms by modifications of individual factors, their interaction with chromatin as well as during signal transduction to transcription machinery, in particular in cancer cells via the oncogene Myc.

Participants from the LMU, TUM, Max Planck Institutes and Helmholtz Zentrum München, in addition to many external visitors and colleagues from different stages of Dirk Eick's career, gathered for this festive opportunity to focus on the past, present and future of transcription research.

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