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IRTG 1064 Open Science Forum

Open for all! Exchange experience and identify issues in the context of the SFB 1064 Open Science Program


IRTG 1064 Open Science Forum on Thursday, June 22 2022 at 14:00 (plan for approx. 1 h)
With Tobias Straub

BMC, seminar room N01.017

Open for all! – IRTG members, PIs, postdocs

We will use this informal meeting as an opportunity to exchange experiences, practices and opinions about open science methods, and to identify any issues for which immediate actions (counseling, training, creative thinking, planning) are required. This is part of the new SFB 1064 Open Science Program, in efforts to start building an accessible and useful exchange network for Open Science practices in molecular and cellular biology.
More information about the Open Science Program in the SFB

Our program for this meeting:

Welcome, introduction and aims for the meeting

Plenum discussion about practices:

  • documentation
  • data management
  • experimentation

Identification of issues:

  • How do ideas apply or resonate in the work groups?
  • Are there any areas where immediate action is required?
  • Problems? Dead ends? Success stories?

Your opinions and experience on the bench and over the past two years since the start of the program are extremely valuable!