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IRTG member Janet Tait gets up on her soapbox!

Soapbox Science Munich – an initiative to increase visibility of current research by women in science


Janet Tait, IRTG member and doctoral researcher from Ralph Rupp's lab, contributed to Soapbox Science Munich 2020 with her presentation entitled "Common threads: A journey through embryonic development with the strange-footed frog".

Soapbox Science is a public outreach platform for promoting women scientists and their research, a successful and popular inititative now being performed for the third time. Usually, the Munich event transforms Odeonsplatz in the city center to a public speaking "corner", reminiscent of Speaker's Corner in London's Hyde Park, and requires speakers to communicate their research to their layperson audience in a very direct and engaging manner. This year the Covid-19 pandemic forced the event indoors and online. The interesting and entertaining talks of 14 talented women scientists working in Munich can be viewed on Youtube – Janet's talk is on the Sunday event video https://youtu.be/mGXbfYMPwQU.

Janet will also be giving another talk through Soapbox Science at the Deutsches Museum on August 28th as part of Science Summer im Museumhof!

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