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Good to know in a crisis

Although supervisors, group leaders and coordinators are generally primary sources for information and counseling, certain situations may require support outside of your immediate group or department.  Whether in cases of family care, personal work-life crisis, career development, discrimination or sexual or scientific misconduct, the following contacts are good to have at hand.


LMU provides university members with a wide range of options for dealing with conflicts and discrimination — actively contributing to a discrimination-free environment with equal opportunities.

Counseling and contacts in case of conflict:

Counseling and contacts for studentsComplaints office for employees (staff council)
Counseling and contacts for academic staff

Dealing with discrimination or sexual harassment:

Counseling and contact for students
Counseling and contact for staff

Policy for Preventing, Protecting against, and Dealing with Cases of Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault at LMU


The WeCare@LMU initiative was launched by Professor Francesca Biagini, Vice President for International Affairs and Diversity and aims to provide support for students and employees at LMU. The initiative comprises counselling services as well as information and events on various topics relating to well-being as well as psychological and personal challenges. Services include confidential counselling, events and support in financial emergencies.

Work conflicts

In cases of conflicts with employer, colleagues or relating to working conditions
LMU Conflict Resolution Officers
HELENA Counseling Office
TUM Compliance Office

Personal Coaching

Holistic support for personal and career development. Available for women in the SFB and men and women in the IRTG.
SFB 1064 Individual Career Coaching Program

Intercultural Counseling

Special Issue Counseling

For researchers with diversity or mental health issues, chronic illness or disability
LMU Heathy University – mental health and well-being
LMU Office for Diversity
LMU Studieren mit Beeinträchtigung
TUM Equal Opportunity and Inclusion
TUM Psychological Counseling

Family Services

Social Support for International Students

Support services through the LMU International Office, Maj-Catherine Botheroyd-Hobohmbotheroyd-hobohm@lmu.de and Monique Esnouf mesnouf@lmu.de


Book Recommendation: Managing your Mental Health during your PhD – A Survival Guide

Highly recommended by an IRTG reader!

Author: Zoë J. Ayres, Springer Verlag ISBN: 978-3-031-14194-2

  • Provides tips and tricks on mental health management
  • Explores environmental factors that impact mental health
  • Examines the research culture we work in
  • Available as ebook in the University Library (UB)