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#Metoo in Science?

Recent events worldwide, including the initiation of the #Metoo Movement, have revealed both subliminal and blatant sexual misconduct in a wide spectrum of professions. It is a social malady, to which no sector seems to be immune. It would be naive to assume that sexual misconduct is non-existent in university settings and in the academic community.

The CRC 1064 is committed to principles of equality, diversity and respect in all areas in which we, as students, scientists, mentors and administrators, circulate.

How can we address the issue of sexual misconduct proactively?
• Have visible and transparent institutional policies
• Inform community members about channels available, should misconduct occur
• Raise awareness among community members

Since the purpose of the CRC-IRTG 1064 is to promote the training of next-generation scientists, we would like to encourage and provide practical measures that reinforce the tenets of equality and respect, and thus contribute to changing the social climate in academia and beyond.

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As one of the first consortia in Germany, in 2019 the CRC 1064 hosted an online course, Consent Matters: Boundaries, Resepect and Positive Intervention (Oxford Epigeum, UK) aimed particularly at students, encouraging them to inform themselves on sexual consent and positive intervention.

Find out more about the course.