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Career Orientation

To help IRTG members plan and be prepared for post-doctoral career steps, career orientation workshops are offered regularly aiming at shaping resumes, identifying core competencies toward career goals and strategic qualification planning. The IRTG supports peer-organized events such as <interact> and PhD Afterlife, as well as different campus-wide "meet-the-industry" events. Our unique Individual Career Coaching program, initiated throughout the CRC Gender Program and extended to IRTG members, is freely (and anonymously) available for objective guidance pertaining to personal goals and/or challenges.

We also consider our IRTG 1064 alumni as a valuable resource for career networking and orientation. With the IRTG 1064 Alumni Group on the social media network LinkedIn, we hope to help maintain sustainable contact between IRTG members beyond the doctoral research period, but also provide a career resource for current IRTG members.