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In the spirit of networking and using our IRTG as a resource for skills and expertise, here is a list of current IRTG members and their "methods of practice". This list is meant to be used as a kind of methods directory, in case you would like to contact someone with questions about any given method or technique. We will continue to fill in the blanks and update as projects progress. 

March 2024

Photo Surname, First name Position Benutzerdefiniert 2
Ameirika (Ameirika, only first name), Ameirika A19 Michaela Smolle Lab
Arnold, Katharina Arnold, Katharina A20 Robert Schneider Lab
Aygenli, Fatih Aygenli, Fatih A32 Maria Robles Lab ChIP - MS (ChIP - Mass Spectrometry), AP - MS and proteomics
Bansal, Priyanka Bansal, Priyanka A26 Christoph Kurat Lab
Beskardes, Sude Beskardes, Sude Assoc. Boyan Bonev Lab Massively Parallel Reporter Assay (MPRA), editing
Bollachettira, Chondamma Bollachettira, Chondamma Assoc. Rodrigo Villaseñor Lab Mass-spectrometry, ChIP-sequencing
Bozdag, Beyza Bozdag, Beyza A16 Axel Imhof Lab Mass spec
Celik, Muhammet Celik, Muhammet Assoc. Maria Colomé-Tatché Lab Footprinting, Gene Regulatory Networks, Correlation / regression models
Cepowska, Emilia Cepowska, Emilia A27 Till Bartke Lab CUT&RUN, Confocal microscopy, Flow Cytometry, CRISPR-Cas9 genome editiing, AID-degron, dTAG
Deeksha (Deeksha, only first name), Deeksha A35 Stefan Stricker Lab CRISPR/Cas9, scRNA sequencing, molecular cloning, mammalian cell culture
Dietl, Tamina Dietl, Tamina Assoc. Boyan Bonev Lab computational analyses, single-cell multiomics
Diwakar, Jei Diwakar, Jei Assoc. Boyan Bonev Lab Chromatin Conformation, Split pool barcoding
Donsbach, Maximilian Donsbach, Maximilian A34 Julian Stingele Lab
Fergola, Eugenio Fergola, Eugenio A11 Gunnar Schotta Lab Cell culture, ChIP-seq, RNA-seq
Fonda, Vlera Fonda, Vlera A21 Henriette Uhlenhaut Lab ChIP-seq, qPCR, MS; WB; RNA-seq; ATAC-seq; IP-WB; IP-MS
Fratton, Andrea Fratton, Andrea Assoc. Boyan Bonev Lab Single-cell EM-seq, single-cell Hi-C
Furtmeier, Jessica Furtmeier, Jessica A26 Christoph Kurat Lab Replication assay and Sequencing
Gilardino, Viola Gilardino, Viola Assoc. Catherine Regnard qDRIP-seq
Gkountromichos, Fotios Gkountromichos, Fotios A01 Peter Becker Lab; Student Representative 2022-2023 Immunofluorescence and CUT&RUN
Götz, Maximilian Götz, Maximilian A34 Julian Stingele Lab
Hermant, Clara Hermant, Clara A24 Maria Elena Torres-Padilla Lab single embryo RNA-seq / Phylogenetic analyses
Hua, Jie Hua, Jie A16 Axel Imhof Lab Data Analysis
Huschet, Lukas Huschet, Lukas A32 Maria Robles Lab Mass spectrometry proteomics and time course analysis
Huth, Frauke Huth, Frauke A04 Philipp Korber (in collaboration with Ulrich Gerland, TUM) Nanopore-Seq and Snakemake pipelines
Janeva, Ana Janeva, Ana A30 - Eva Hörmanseder Lab; Student Representative 2023- RNA-seq, ChIP/CUT&RUN
Jayakrishnan, Muhunden Jayakrishnan, Muhunden A01 Peter Becker Lab ChIP-seq, Bioinformatics
Kars, Gizem Kars, Gizem A01 Peter Becker Lab CUT&RUN, In-vitro Chromatin Assembly
Kavaliou, Kiryl Kavaliou, Kiryl A33 Nicolai Siegel Lab Microscopy, ChIP-seq
Keneskhanova, Zhibek Keneskhanova, Zhibek A33 Nicolai Siegel Lab scRNA-seq, bulk RNA-seq
Kopp, Lara Kopp, Lara Assoc. Rodrigo Villaseñor Lab ChIP-Seq, Protein Purification
Li, Li Li, Li A11 Gunnar Schotta Lab
Liu, Jingwen Liu, Jingwen A17 Heinrich Leonhardt Lab Wesern blot
Malagoli, Gabriele Malagoli, Gabriele Assoc. Maria Colomé-Tatché Lab Graph neural network, explainable artificial intelligence
Nadelson, Iliya Nadelson, Iliya A24 Maria Elena Torres-Padilla Lab FISH, Image analysis
Nasiscionyte, Simona Nasiscionyte, Simona A27 Till Bartke Lab Cell cycle synchronisation and flow cytometry
Olsen, Karl Olsen, Karl A25 Sigurd Braun Lab ChIP/Yeast genetics
Özdemir Aygenli, Bihter Özdemir Aygenli, Bihter A27 Till Bartke Lab Recombinant protein purification, enzymatic activity assays
Payet, Bertrand Payet, Bertrand A21 Henriette Uhlenhaut Lab
Rakesh, Namisha Rakesh, Namisha Assoc. Rodrigo Villaseñor Lab Chip-Seq, Mass Spectrometry
Ramadhani, Fania Ramadhani, Fania A21 Henriette Uhlenhaut Lab
Reza, Rifat Ara Reza, Rifat Ara A33 Nicolai Siegel Lab
Russo, Angela Russo, Angela A11 Gunnar Schotta Lab ChIPseq, ATACseq
Schäfer, Frederike Schäfer, Frederike A16 Axel Imhof Lab
Shabani, Drin Shabani, Drin A04 Philipp Korber MNase-seq and Protein Purification
Spechtenhauser, Lorenz Spechtenhauser, Lorenz A04 Philipp Korber long read sequencing, protein purification
Satrakadomska, Olexandra Starokadomska, Olexandra A03 Andreas Ladurner Lab Western Blotting, qPCR
Steinek, Clemens Steinek, Clemens A17 Heinrich Leonhardt Lab
Stumberger, Gabriela Stumberger, Gabriela A17 Heinrich Leonhardt Lab FISH, automated image analysis
Subramanian, Swathi Subramanian, Swathi A03 Andreas Ladurner Lab Cell culture, western blot
Tait, Janet Tait, Janet A12 Ralf Rupp Lab RNA seq, Confocal microscopy
Trefz, Johannes Trefz, Johannes A16 Axel Imhof Lab Enrichment of phosphorylated, ubiquitinylated, and acetylated peptides for MS measurement
Tüysüz, Irem Tüysüz, Irem Assoc. Maria Colomé-Tatché Lab Data analysis by using a machine learning model
Ullrich, Simon Ullrich, Simon Assoc. Irina Solovei Lab
Yadav, Prateek Yadav, Prateek A33 Nicolai Siegel Lab; Student Representative 2023- FISH, imaging
Yaneva, Denitsa Yaneva, Denitsa A34 Julian Stingele Lab
Yang, Lingling Yang, Lingling A19 Michaela Smolle Lab
Yin, Yanshuang Yin, Yanshuang A17 Heinrich Leonhardt Lab Wesern blot