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Thesis Advisory Committees (TACs)

Thesis Advisory Committees are made up of the doctoral candidate, the supervisor(s) and at least two other post-docs or group leaders working in related fields. We highly encourage inclusion of other SFB 1064 members, if possible, for constructive interdisciplinary project-related supervision. Doctoral candidates should choose TAC members according to recommendation and discussion with his/her supervisor.

TACs should meet once a year, at least 3 times during the course of a doctoral project. The first TAC meeting should take place approximately 6 months after begin of the doctoral project. Subsequent TAC meetings should meet annually.

TACs are an instrument for supervisory checks and balances. The goals of TAC meetings are:

  • to provide an opportunity for doctoral students to summarize their work and present progress reports,
  • help give projects orientation - steering them in the right direction and avoiding dead-ends,
  • assessing achievements and/or problems,
  • mediation in case of disagreement between doctoral candidate and supervisor,
  • setting realistic project (and publication) goals.

Doctoral candidates are responsible for scheduling TAC meetings!

A protocol of each meeting should be signed by each TAC member, and a copy forwarded to the IRTG coordinator.