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IRTG program content

The IRTG aims to complement the PhD project and constructive supervision of the Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) with a modular training program. The program tailors to the specific skills and needs identified in dialogue with IRTG members.

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Figure: Schematic depiction of examples of IRTG program contents. The PhD project is central to the study program whereas all other activities will supplement the scientific (bench-) work. The Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) serves as a superordinated structure, guiding the doctoral candidate and giving advice on all issues concerning the PhD thesis. 

Lecture Series

  • IRTG Lecture Series
  • CRC Lecture Series
  • PhD Lunches


  • Advanced Methods Courses
  • Communication Skills
  • Good Scientific Practice
  • Individual Career Coaching

Events and Excursions

  • Retreats
  • Career Planning
  • Lab Visits