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Advanced Methods Courses

We plan in-house courses to train our doctoral students in highly sophisticated methods. The specific contents of these Advanced Methods Courses will be based on the project-related needs of the doctoral students and will be related to the technical core competences of the CRC (e.g. protein analytics, bioinformatics and imaging). Furthermore, IRTG doctoral students will have the chance to visit external workshops (i.e. EMBO courses) or to request travel money allowing them to visit collaborating research labs outside of Munich. Application for funding requires a concise, written proposal, which will be evaluated by the CRC board. 

Communication Skills

Complementary to the scientific content of PhD projects, we aim to offer students opportunities to train their communication skills. Scientific Writing, Data Analysis, Oral Presentation are some examples identified by IRTG associates as being essential to success in the scientific arena.  Using both the expertise within the CRC and external training programs, courses will be offered on a cyclical basis to ensure that all members have the opportunity to benefit from them.

Good Scientific Practice

Courses or Symposia on good scientific practice are mandatory in the program, as we wish to expose every student to this important ethical thread on a regular basis. Due to the strong common interest with other graduate programs, synergic efforts will be made in cooperation with the Graduate Center LMU to offer appropriate material in a stimulating format. 

Individual Career Coaching Program

IRTG members are eligible for a new Individual Career Coaching Program that has been initiated by the SFB 1064 Gender Program.  Professional coaches provide individual and confidential coaching for :
- personal and professional growth
- conflict management
- time management
- work-life-balance
- decision-making processes

The goal of the Individual Coaching Program is to make coaching available for the specific topics, especially at the specific times when you really need it. This program aims to provide holistic career development support that focuses on identifying and utilizing your strengths. For details on confidentiality, procedure, coach profiles, etc. see Gender Program/Individual Career Coaching