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IRTG Retreat

August 25-27, 2014 at the Grasgehrenhütte in Allgäu

25.08.2014 – 27.08.2014

The focus for our first IRTG retreat is going to be on bonding as a group; the scientific and non-scientific programs are planned with this in mind.

Scientific program:

60 sec presentations (“pitch slam”): This will kick-off the retreat. Each IRTG member has one minute to introduce his/her project, plans/achievements, why it is interesting, what are the relevant questions?

Imagine an elevator situation: You are in an elevator with a Nobel Laureate and she asks you what you do. You have one minute before the elevator doors open to make an impression.

Make it good! No computers, no slides. Flipchart will be available, if desired. You should prepare this presentation ahead of time – be ready on the 25th.

Epigenetics Slam: The idea is to explain a topic in a compact, instructive and entertaining fashion that even a non-expert in the field can understand. This is done by breaking down complex ideas, not taking basics for granted and applying creative methods. This should be educational for both the slammers and the audience. We will work in groups of 4 or 5, and will have at least two (one morning, one afternoon) sessions to create and perfect the slam, which will be performed on Wednesday morning. Not much work – just idea gestation – is necessary before the retreat. Internet will be available at the Grasgehrenhütte for on-site research if necessary. We have high expections! Be creative! There will be a prize for the best slam (decided by the group).

    • Presentations last 10 min!
    • Presentations should be instructive but also entertaining (use metaphors! visual aids!)
    • Anything goes: with the exception of a computer, you can use any materials, props, songs, sound effects or participation from the audience,
    • Everyone in the group has to talk at some time during the presentation,
    • Certain words must be avoided (tba).

What topics? We need suggestions! Rather than dictate the topics, we would like to collect ideas from the group. Topics must have to do with Epigenetics, but can be anything from a basic concept, like the histone code, explanation of a method, "How-to" applications, to explaining the potential of a concept for the future. Ask around, talk to each other, think about topics that you find inspiring in your work! Send your topic idea to Elizabeth, or to one of the organizers. The organizing committee will pick the final topics from these suggestions, and appoint the groups (to be announced on the retreat).

What exactly is a slam? What are some examples? For tips for a good slam or pitch presentation, see download file "What is a Slam?" (61 KB)

Non-scientfic program:

will consist of a „Summit Surge“ to the nearby peak, Riedberger Horn. You do not have to be an experienced athlete or mountaineer – everyone can participate – but you should plan to bring appropriate shoes and all-weather gear.

Please let Elizabeth know if you have any dietary restrictions so that arrangements can be made for the „hut-cuisine“.

More details will follow in August.

(Orga Team: Alex, Alessio, Andrea S., Marie, Paula, Addie, Hari, Elizabeth)

Grasgehrenhütte in Allgäu