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Applied Statistics for Molecular Biologists

Introductory course by Tobias Straub


Course registration by email to Elizabeth Schroeder-Reiter irtg1064@med.uni-muenchen.de

Time: November 20, 2014 from 9:00-16:00

Location: Room G00.031 Biozentrum, Martinsried

Course Content:

This course is directed toward those molecular biology researchers that are interested in getting an introduction in statistical handling of quantitative data. Focus will be both the creation as well as the interpretation of statistical data. Various interactive showcase exercises will be provided to cover e.g. qPCR, quantitative imaging, and treatment-response cases.

Mathematical knowledge is not required; the course will be formula-free.

Some highlights:

  • Types of Quantitative Data in Molecular Biology Descriptive Statistics, Reporting and Visualizing Quantitative Data, Population Space, Statistical Inference, Induction, Error Bars
  • Statistical Tests, Test Theory, P-Values, Generation and Interpretation, Common Statistical Tests, Multiple Testing, Reporting Statistical Tests
  • Statistics Software, ANOVA, Time series, Correlation Analyses ,High-level Analyses Overview
  • Experimental Design, How to improve experimental layout to get 'better' Statistics, Random/Systematic Errors, Noise, Power Estimation