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Retreat 2015 on Lake Constance

19.10.2015 – 21.10.2015

Title: Ripple Effect ripples

retreat 2015This year's retreat will be taking place in the Fall – from Monday, October 19 until Wednesday October 21. We are booked in the Don Bosco Haus just outside of Friedrichshafen, where we have a lakeside getaway with a huge lawn and a house to ourselves. (note: average water temperature for Lake Constance in October is 17-20°C).

The Retreat Orga Team, Tim, Thomas, Nilay, Moritz and Elizabeth, have planned the scientific and non-scientific program. We have two goals this year. The first has already been achieved: on popular demand we have a place near water! The second is to strengthen our network by getting to know each other better on the science level. We propose an informal symposium during which we put our skills and knowledge to work, both as presenters and as an audience.

Finding an appropriate title for the retreat was not easy this time. Using the water metaphor in terms of networking and scientific impact, I settled on the title Ripple Effect -– with the idea that every drop creates a ripple which then interacts with others to form a complex dynamic system.