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Future of Work 2021

The new virtual – navigating the new “normal”



An online workshop series by Viola Kraus (talentEQ)

In our workshop series you will learn skills and reflect along the following topics

  1. Future of Work: how is the work landscape likely to change regarding skills and workplace set-up, what to expect from technology and how can you prepare (no matter if you remain in academia or go into industry)
  2. Branding: how can you (inside and outside academia) brand yourself with the help of „Design Thinking Tools“
  3. Virtual work: how to manage yourself, have better teamwork and more efficient presentations when you are not meeting face to faceEach workshop will have a brief pre-survey to finalize the content of the workshop so that participants’ needs can be catered for.

IMPRS and the IRTG are co-hosting three brief online workshops. Each workshop will have a brief pre-survey to finalize the content of the workshop so that participants’ needs can be catered for. You may sign up for the whole series or individual workshops. Sign up with Elizabeth irtg1064@bmc.med.lmu.de

June 17/18/21, 2021 – 4.30-6 pm
Future of Work

This course, comprised of online group workshops and brief self-study, aims to equip you with skills for your future work life
In our evening online sessions you can expect short lecture sequences followed by break out sessions and moments of reflection around the following topics

  • Insights on how the work environment is due to change (“Future of Work”) based on technology and innovation
  • What are „new work“ methods: how are you potentially using already these methods
  • Skills to be adaptable and flexible for an ongoing change in the work place

July 19, 2021 – 9am – 1 pm

Knowing yourself, your skills and what you can offer in the work environment is an essential step towards navigating your career. In our half-day workshop we spend time on revisiting your skills and then, with the help of the branding canvas (a „Design Thinking tool“), you will put it on paper. Through mini-presentations with your peers and iteration, this tool will be a living and breathing document you can take away after the workshop (as a hardware tool or digital format) and continue to work with it.
By the end of this workshop you will have a clearer understanding of your brand and you will have practiced to present yourself.

September 27/28/29, 2021 – 4.30-6.30 pm
Virtual Work

Our evening workshop series on virtual work will explore three critical aspects. Our evening sessions are comprised of mini lecture sequences, break out groups and moments of self-reflection.

1) How to ensure that you can still work well and collaborate and meet efficiently as a team

  • The psychology of virtual teams
  • Missing communication cues in a virtual team context
  • Practical tools for effective teaming and meeting virtually

2) How to better manage yourself while you feel more detached from your peers and teams

  • Analyse your habits
  • Receive tools for changing hindering habits
  • Practice how to foster good self-management habits

3) How to better present in the virtual context

  • What is missing when presenting in a virtual context, what do we have to make up for?
  • How to still convince your audience through voice and preparation of content

Alle workshops will have some of the following aspects

  • Practical application to the workplace context
  • Insights sharing / lecturing
  • Group work
  • Self- Reflection
  • Individual action planning