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Navigating Social Media for Scientists

12.01.2021 – 14.01.2021

Online workshop with Peter Kronenbergnatural science careers


- 2x 2h webinar sessions on January 12 and January 14, 2021 from 10-12
- Independent work, including peer-to-peer exercises
- online learning platform with extra materials, extended 3 week accessibility
- individual consulting available

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Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, by now, are no longer a new thing. Also for scientists, social media platforms have become an integral networking tool to connect globally, exchange research ideas and advance careers. But, what’s a proper way for scientists to make use of these platforms?

In this workshop part, you will gain a better understanding on the current state of digital science communication. In detail, you will learn how scientists may integrate social media into their activities — in a helpful and productive way. The workshop advocates a reflected media usage that keeps a close eye on how and when it is recommended for you to “go digital”.

This workshop provides…
• … professional assistance in clarifying your objectives for engaging with social media. Why should I consider social media usage? What are my goals?
• … help figuring out which of the many media platforms is the right one for you.
• … assistance on how social media may help you explore your career options (e.g. after a PhD or postdoc).
• … help taking first steps towards brushing up your personal professional online profiles.