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Visual Communication of Science

Learn to improve graphic design to help explain your research

07.04.2022 – 08.04.2022

On April 7-8, 2022 9:00-16:00 (this course will be offered online)

The IRTG is co-hosting Jernej Zupanc, founder of Seyens, for a 2-day workshop with a hands-on approach to help researchers present their own research through various means of visual communication. The aim is to train scientists in the principles of visual communication so that they can present their ideas and results clearly and effectively in journal papers and grant proposals, on posters and slides. One training to cover all of their essential visual communication requirements.

This workshop is available for doctoral researchers and for postdocs.

Workshop goals: You will learn to effectively communicate your own scientific ideas and results by applying best visual communication practices to your research communication. You will understand the principles and useful design approaches used by experts. You will get actionable advice and feedback on your own pre-submitted materials. It is an immersive training, structured, easy to follow, memorable, useful, and fun. 

See more details about Jernej Zupanc and his Seyens concept at www.seyens.com.

Sign up any time with Elizabeth irtg1064@bmc.med.lmu.de

New! See Jernej's pitch for excellent visual communication https://www.seyens.com/workshop-pitch/

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