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German and English Courses

LMU and IRTG offer courses for language skills.


German courses

The International University Club of Munich (IUCM) during the academic semester and in the spring break. During the semester, courses are offered in the city center and on the Martinsried campus. Online registration is usually in September and in April of each year. The IRTG 1064 will cover the cost, please indicate your membership in the drop-down menu on the online registration form.
Infos and registration at http://www.begleitkurs-deutsch.de/en/content/BK_Home

Deutschkurse bei der Universität München e.V. Students enrolled at the LMU are eligible. For the full program and registration deadlines, please see http://www.dkfa.de/en

Academic English courses

The Sprachen Zentrum Munich offers courses for LMU students free of charge. There is a required placement test, and the focus is on academic English. See http://www.en.sprachenzentrum.uni-muenchen.de/language_courses/index.html

Advanced Scientific Writing courses

The IRTG offers annual scientific writing courses, as well as courses on efficient communication and English pronunciation. Please see the workshop schedule or contact Elizabeth for details.