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IRTG Retreat 2014

The focus for our first IRTG retreat was on bonding as a group; the scientific and non-scientific programs were planned with this in mind.

The scientific program consisted of two compact presentations:

60 sec Pitch-Slams (also called "Elevator Slam"): For the retreat kick-off, each person gave a 60 sec introduction to themselves and their work.

10 min Epigenetics Slams/sketches: The goal was to explain a given topic in a compact, instructive and entertaining fashion. This is done by breaking down complex ideas, not taking basics for granted and applying creative and even funny methods, which is educational for both the slammers and the audience. In groups of 4 or 5 sketches were concieved and performed. A DVD with videos of the sketches was made for all participants.

Slam Topics:

  • "Epigenetics is the cellular language"? Explain!
  • Stranger than fiction: real-life examples of epigenetic phenomena
  • Epigenetic inheritance: how your familiy screwed you
  • Evolution of epigenetic research: what were 5 major milestones in epigenetic history?
  • Science Fiction? What will Epigenetics look like in the future?
  • Don’t throw away the junk! Why is junk important?
  • Explain to your grandparents: what is Epigenetics?
Summit Surge! Despite the pouring rain, we were led on a team-building summit surge to the nearby Riedberger Horn.
group photo retreat 2014 klein