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IRTG 1064 Retreat 2017 in Schliersee-Josefstal


On our final retreat of this SFB 1064 funding period, we elected to focus on communication skills – especially those that are crucial in the working environment, dealing with supervisors, colleagues, co-workers and administrators. This is relevant for both for senior members who are looking toward the end of their doctoral projects and the next step in their careers, as well as for more junior members who may be just gearing up or are in the thick of their projects.

Communication by speech is a fundamental human trait, but we have no inborn guarantee for success! Mis-communication often occurs, leading to misunderstanding and sometimes dysfunction on many fronts.
We have invited the coaches Karin Bodewits and Philipp Gramlich from Natural Science.Careers to work with us on:

  • Strategies for convincing
  • Conflict management
  • Negotiation strategies
  • "Genderlect"
  • Unconscious Bias

Work sessions on these topics were incorporated into a 3-day retreat in wintery snow-covered Schliersee-Josefstal in the Bavarian Alps. In the spirit of intense work-and-pleasure networking, we balanced a concentrated work program with a choice of winter activities including skiing, sledding, hiking and skating.

Download poster (pdf, 500 KB)

Elisa, Valentina, Stefanie, Gustavo, Maria, Alex, Thomas G., Moritz, Sandra, Daniil, Mana, Alessio, Ashish, Tim, Martina, Lisa, Alessandro, (Sarah),(Petra), Ramona, Nadine, Jörn, Mehera, Zeyang, Paulina, Susi, Andrea S., Sophia, Andrea L., Diego, Máté.
Not pictured: Elizabeth, Lucía, Paula, Thomas vE.