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A19 - Maintenance of chromatin organization by Isw1a during gene transcription

We are investigating the role of the Isw1a remodeler in maintaining nucleosomal organization over genes by recycling existing histones and preventing the incorporation of new, soluble histones associated with increased acetylation levels. By limiting histone dynamics and the incorporation of acetylated histones Isw1a is hypothesized to prevent inappropriate transcription initiation and the production of non-coding RNAs. We will use a combinatorial approach including yeast genetics, genomics, biochemistry and proteomics to investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying Isw1a function, including Isw1a recruitment and retention.

Smolle, Michaela

Prof. Dr. Michaela Smolle

Biomedical Center (BMC) Munich, Physiological Chemistry

+49 (0)89 2180 77098