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A08 - RNA Pol II CTD interactions with chromatin - crosstalk between the codes

We have developed a combined genetic-mass spectrometric method to study the 240 potential phosphorylation sites in mammalian Pol II CTD. The approach provides access to the type and position of modification in each individual heptad-repeat of CTD. We combine this approach with engineered analog-sensitve kinases (asCdk7, asCdk8, asCdk9, asCdk12) to study heptad-specific phosphorylation of CTD in vivo. Further we study the heptad-specific binding of Mediator, Integrator and other factors to CTD. The project aims at better understanding of the complex relationship between dynamic changes in chromatin modifications and the activity of the transcription machinery.

Eick, Dirk

Prof. Dr. Dirk Eick

Helmholtz-Zentrum München, Molecular Epigenetics

+49 (0)89 31871 - 512